I am a quantitative social scientist, scientific humanist and patriotic cosmopolitan. I was born in Mongolia, grew up in America (U.S. citizen) and studied in England.

I am strongly interested in drawing insights from data to inform policy and strategy. Currently, I am working as a research analyst at Temple University where I apply statistical methods and data analysis to improve student placement outcomes and conduct institutional research.

Prior to that, I worked at the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute where I developed predictive models to inform enrollment planning and optimize financial aid allocation. During my PhD research I produced three quantitative papers on the effects of ethnic divisions on democracy and poverty using applied statistics and econometrics.

I received my PhD in Government (Political Science) from University of Essex, United Kingdom, a MSc in International Public Policy from University College London and a BA in Philosophy and History from University of Southampton, United Kingdom.

This blog is an expression of my thoughts on political economy, statistical modeling, data analysis and public policy.

In my spare time, I play guitar, read, watch anime, listen to BTS, travel and nap.

If you are interested in my professional background, connect with me via linkedin.

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